How much are essential oils

colorful_aroma_diffuserEssential oils have such amazing benefits and wide range uses that people want to get their hands on it. But the question is – how much are essential oils exactly? While you don’t shop by price, it is sometimes easier to choose when you compare the best popular essential oil brands through their price.

Whether you are looking for essential oils of the cheapest prices or just curious about what other companies charge for the same products, it is good to know of the current price lists of essential oils. You have to remember though, that these prices vary with each other as companies also vary in their resources, production practices and processes.

The exact price of a typical 15ml bottle of essential oil varies by brand but you should already know that they are quite expensive. There are a number of factors that contribute to the expensive cost of essential oils.

These factors include the availability of the plant, the yield of the oil the plant gives, methods for cultivation, harvesting and the methods for extracting oil. The availability of the plants is important as some of them take a lot of leaves, bark or herbs to make just a liter of the oil. For instance, to make 1 liter of eucalyptus oil only 30 kg of eucalyptus leaves are needed.

But for rose oil, one of the most expensive oils, about 2 to 4000 kg of rose petals are needed to make 1kg of the oil. Another consideration is the weather conditions as each plant has their specific amount of essential oils and depending on the weather, conditions of the soil and distillation process so the amount of oils distilled may vary.

Each plant with essential oils does not necessarily mean to be available for production. This is because some of them have their oils extracted with complicated procedures which could mean profit will be too little. Thus each bottle of these oils will be really expensive especially if you will also look for the best essential oil diffuser.

A small bottle of essential oils like amber and chamomile oil can easily cost over $30 per bottle. But there are also less expensive oils like lemon, orange and gardenia. As stated before, the price depends on the kind of essential oil you want to buy.