The Onesie Is Doctor Approved

Peace_Love_Green_OnesieOnesies have been a staple of the baby clothing business for generations, and most parents know them to be comfortable and convenient choices for baby wear. But not as many people know that medical experts actually advise new parents to dress their children in onesies during their first months.

Many times, when a child is just born, the doctor will tell the mother or father to put their child in a onesie, particularly at night. That’s because it keeps the baby warm, and new babies are more susceptible to the cold than when they are older. With a one-piece suit, there is less chance that any cold air will seep through, whereas two-piece outfits could become untucked or open up easily to allow in air.

Onesies for babies are also useful for when they start crawling around. If they are wearing shorts or just a diaper, they can scuff up their knees on hard floors or experience rug burn while scooting along carpets. The onesie ensures their tender knees are protected and makes it far more likely that they will continue to try to crawl instead of getting discouraged when they attempt it.

That’s important for developing children, as they can sometimes be easily dissuaded from doing difficult tasks. A onesie not only keeps them warm and cozy but also provides protection during their natural movements. It doesn’t just benefit the baby, though. Doctors know that parents will become frustrated with constant diaper changes, and onesies make that a simpler process. They unzip or unsnap easily, allowing quick access to the diaper and ensuring that there aren’t a lot of pieces of clothing laying around when a diaper change is going on.

Retailers such as onesies for babies will carry a variety of onesies, giving parents plenty of options for ways to dress their new child. Parents should be choosing the kind of onesie that will not irritate their baby’s skin and one that will be easy for the parent to open and close and put on.

Onesies for babies will continue to be an important part of their ensembles for generations to come, as evidenced by the steady popularity they have enjoyed for decades. Until someone finds an easier way to outfit a newborn, the onesie is definitely here to stay.